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3D services

When we talk about 3D services, we usually refer to 3D printing, which can involve printing in plastic or metal. SAOS offers highly precise, fast, and high-quality solutions using the STRATASYS F900 device for plastic printing and the EOS M 290 for metal printing.

Electrolytic marking

Electrolytic marking is based on the process of electrochemical marking (also known as metal electrochemical marking), where text or images are permanently transferred onto a product conducting electricity using a signing matrix …

Inkjet marking

Ink-jet portable marking systems are used in production for marking small to medium production runs. SAOS offers mobile systems that are cost-effective, making them ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises that need to mark their products, packaging …

Our vision

Our vision is to offer you a quality and precise solution for all your inquiries. Our technology and laser systems we use provide top-quality laser engraving, laser marking, and various other metal processing techniques while protecting the material.

The SAOS team consists of professionals with an international and cosmopolitan approach, accumulating experience in the marking sector across Europe and beyond since 2002. With our expertise, we can enhance the value of your product, make it unique in the market, and offer you an adequate solution for every inquiry.

We take pride in the multitude of satisfied clients from various industries: food and non-food, medical, all the way to automotive, where users of our products and/or services recognize us as a reliable partner.

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