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3D services

When we talk about 3D services, we usually refer to 3D printing, which can involve printing in plastic or metal. SAOS offers highly precise, fast, and high-quality solutions using the STRATASYS F900 device for plastic printing and the EOS M 290 for metal printing.

3D printing is an ideal solution if you plan to produce a small batch of products that isn’t economically viable for large-scale factory production. For example, 3D printing is considered cost-effective for production runs ranging from tens to approximately a thousand pieces. After that, it’s advisable to move into mass production by making tools for injection molding.

Areas of application for 3D printers include architecture, design, informatics, education, machine construction, aeronautics, metallurgy, modeling, medicine, bio-modeling, geo-information systems, molecular chemistry, and more.

SAOS was among the first in Croatia to offer 3D printing services and other 3D-related services of the highest quality.

In addition to 3D printing, SAOS also offers 3D modeling, 3D measurements, 3D scanning, and milling services. For 3D measurement and scanning services, we use the ATOS 5 12M XL device, a 3D optical scanner that is one of the best devices available and is now accessible in Zagreb thanks to us.

Electrolytic Marking

Electrolytic marking is based on the process of electrochemical marking (also known as metal electrochemical marking), where text or images are permanently transferred onto a product conducting electricity using a signing matrix, electrolyte action, and current. This process is often referred to as electrochemical etching, and it does not involve the use of acids or other hazardous substances.

Depending on what you want to mark, we offer short-term and long-term template accessories, electrolytic additives such as felt, conductive mesh, and graphite for marking, which improve quality and precision and are often used for other purposes in the industry.

There are almost unlimited graphic possibilities that can be applied to almost all materials and in all sizes.

Our electrolytic marking systems are cost-effective and ensure durable and high-quality markings on almost all current-conducting materials such as aluminum, zinc, chromium, carbide, steel, stainless steel, titanium, and many others.

Depending on the surface material (or its composition) and current flow, black, white, or deep markings are created using our signing templates. This process does not remove material, making it ideal for markings in the aerospace industry as well as medical and food technology.

Additional equipment


Our specially tailored felt serves as the optimal electrolyte carrier and contributes to the even distribution of electrolyte in the area to be marked. We offer our carbon felt for semi-automatic and manual marking systems.

Electrolytes and neutrals

From aluminum to zinc – we offer the right electrolyte for every material. Our wide range of electrolytes provides individually tailored solutions for each conductive material.

To prevent corrosion, we recommend cleaning each workpiece with a neutralizer after processing. We also offer corrosion-free electrolytes for marking materials prone to corrosion. Subsequent neutralization is no longer necessary.

Template paper

Wax stencil paper is created by the customer in-house using a dot matrix printer, a typewrite or a pen. This product enables you to be even more flexible than long life stencils. We offer different formats and designs as well as rolls or in a pack. The durability of the blue stencil paper is higher than of the thermal stencil paper or stencil tape but has a lower resolution. On our rolls do we offer perforated edge (tractor edge) or alternatively standard paper without tractor fed. 

Marking fabric

Our marking fabric consists of electro-conductive fabric that prevents burning of the marks into the felt. To achieve this, the fabric needs to be stretched over the felt. The result is an even distribution of power and optimal marking of your product.

Long-term and short-term matrices

Our long-term matrices are ideal for consistent markings on a large number of items. There are no limitations on graphic options. Upon request, we can create a suitable template and offer a solution tailored to your individual needs. They are compatible with all electrolytic marking systems available on the market.

Our short-term matrices are perfect for frequent changes of markings such as serial numbers, nameplates, etc.


Ink-jet portable marking systems are used in production for marking small to medium production runs. SAOS offers mobile systems that are cost-effective, making them ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises that need to mark their products, packaging, paper or cardboard boxes, and similar items. Portable systems are easy to use, transfer, and this makes them ideal for use in one or multiple locations.

Inkjet marking is suitable for almost all materials on which your company needs to mark logos, QR codes, various graphics, “best before” dates, various serial numbers, and more. Materials commonly marked with ink-jet include cardboard, wood, pallets, paper, various sensitive packaging such as plastic, foil, and the like.

Whether it’s continuous barcodes or QR codes, graphics, logos, expiration dates, or LOT numbers – with our Ink-jet marking devices, stain-resistant printing is easy.